Parma Produkt: Pioneering Excellence in Pharmaceutical Innovation

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About Parma Produkt

Parma Produkt is a leading pharmaceutical manufacturer based in Hungary, specializing in the production and distribution of pharmaceutical products, including raw materials, semi-finished goods, and registered medications. Serving pharmacies, wholesalers, and various healthcare entities across Hungary, Parma Produkt also engages in contract manufacturing and limited export sales. With 82 Full-Time Employees (FTEs), the company operates across three strategic locations in Budapest, Vecsés, and Szeged.

The Beginning

Originating in the 1950s as an integral part of the Pharmacy Center of the Pest County Council, Parma Produkt initially focused on supplying public pharmacies with pharmaceutical products and raw materials. Over the years, it evolved into a dynamic force in the industry, expanding its offerings to include ointments, solutions, powder mixtures, and tablets. During the 1990’s, the industry underwent a transformation and in 1996 Parma Produkt Kft. was founded.

In 2004, the company secured the rare privilege of manufacturing and dispensing certain pharmaceutical products directly to patients, becoming one of only two such laboratories in Hungary.

Over its 27-year journey, Parma Produkt Kft. introduced the Patikárium brand, became a member of the Hungarian Pharmaceutical Association (MAGYOSZ), and established its own commercial and marketing department. In 2008, a significant investment project saw the construction of a state-of-the-art purified water production and packaging plant.

Becoming Part of the Fagron Group

As of 2024, Parma Produkt Kft. embarks on a new chapter as an integral part of the Fagron Group. Viewing this integration as an opportunity for elevated product development and portfolio expansion, the company aims to leverage Fagron’s extensive experience and know-how.

“We believe that a higher level of product development and portfolio expansion can only be achieved through continuous innovation.”

Rudolf Nyeste PharmD – Managing Director

New Possibilities

Given the still rudimentary state of personalized medicine in Hungary, Parma Produkt Kft. recognizes a pioneering opportunity in this field through Fagron’s well-established educational procedures.

The collaboration with Fagron also unlocks a future filled with innovation, enhancements, and continued excellence. Parma Produkt Kft. envisions broadening distribution channels, exploring the production of suppositories, and investing in modern production equipment and facilities. This modernization initiative aims to enhance manufacturing efficiency and facilitate entry into foreign markets. Leveraging Fagron’s wealth of experience, Parma Produkt Kft. is eager to develop more efficient operational processes, particularly in procurement and supply chain management.

Parma Produkt Kft. stands poised at the forefront of pharmaceutical innovation, committed to shaping a healthier future through groundbreaking advancements and unwavering dedication to excellence.